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Movement based workshops: Excellent for day long conferences as a break out session, for a women's event geared toward bringing together community and fostering joyful healthy feelings, and as part of a Pesach program or other retreat where movement elevates ones experience.

  • Yoga that is safe for the Jewish Soul
  • Soulstir: Sacred Dance through the Sefirot
  • Workout for body and soul

Speaking engagements

Shelly is available to speak on a variety of topics, including:

  • Winks from Hashem: How to see and feel Hashem in our everyday life
  • From OM to Shalom: A personal story of discovering the joy of being a Jew
  • Living the Sefirot: The body tells the Truth: A guide through the G-dly emanations to find a life of balance and harmony
  • Other topics available as well: Shelly will explore the needs of your community and personalize the presentation.