Feedback from Retreat & Workshop Organizers

Shelly Dembe is one of the most enthusiastic, informed and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Beginning a class with Shelly will put you on the road to reaching your highest wellness potential. Her years of clinical education and training have brought her to a point of holistic awareness that she would like everyone to experience. I would highly recommend Shelly, as would many of her OSU faculty and staff students!
— Marianne Robinson, Program Manager, The Ohio State University Faculty & Staff Wellness Program
I’ve been blessed to have Shelly work with Omek on various occasions. As a yoga and Yogadance instructor, she took our annual summer retreat to a whole new level. Her work opens women from the inside out to the wonders around and within them. Her very presence is a gift. The women at the retreat so enjoyed her presentations, I invited her to do an Omek Yogadance event in NY. Kudos once again! Almost six months later, women are asking me, “When’s she coming back?” If you’re looking for a program that is rich, authentic and alternative, call Shelly. And if you want joy, sincerity and spiritual depth - call her even sooner.
— Shimona Tzukernik, Founder/Director, Omek and The Kabbalah Coach

Feedback from Participants

Fitness, Nutrition & Healthy Weight

Shelly has a way of making everyone feel comfortable wherever they are in their fitness level and age, and is willing to help you become your very best.
— Terri Barnett
Exercise was a dirty word. Food was my last remaining pleasure. But thanks to Shelly, I gladly exercise 3 times/week, am eating healthier, and it has all been painless. I look and feel much better than I did before working with Shelly. I’ve lost 20 some pounds. I never thought I would feel attractive again but I do! I go out to fine restaurants daily and eat the food I love, including dessert. With just a few changes in my eating behavior and the workouts, I feel I have made lifestyle changes that I can maintain for the rest of my life.
— Joanne Aubrey
I make it a priority to work other commitments around my classes with Shelly Dembe. Both her yoga and outdoor exercise classes have dramatically improved my overall state of being and I enjoy them enormously. She is a first class instructor.
— Susie Seletz

Hatha Yoga Classes

I feel amazing after our appointment this morning. I am walking around with the biggest smile on my face. I feel focused, calm and appreciative. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time!
— Carrie Madison

LifeForce Yoga for Emotional Health

I want to thank you for the amazing change you have brought to my life in just 6 short months. My days are so much more productive, my attitude so much more positive and my challenges are met and overcome with the techniques and advice I have cultivated from you. I cannot even begin to put a price tag on the improvements you have helped me make.
— Daniel Wolt
I feel comfortable with Shelly. She is able to understand my needs as an individual client. Her training has enabled me to realize various issues that come up during our yoga; whether they are physical or emotional. By working with Shelly I am learning tools I can use for the rest of my life.
— A 21-year-old client with multiple sclerosis

SefirotDance and YogaDance

Shelly got us to move from our inside joy…it was fun, fun, fun, and freeing. I forgot that I love to dance!
— Gail Sky
I have attended many of Shelly’s classes in Yogadance. I love being able to dance and create with like minded women and explore the rhythm and soul in Jewish music. The class is creative and non threatening leading to a relaxed atmosphere. Shelly is proficient at conducting a class that connects the spiritual and physical. You feel so good after.
— Beth Salzberg