Wrestling with Yoga:
Journey of a Jewish Soul 

Engrossing, delightful memoir of an unusual journey to Jewish tradition through the melding of two cultures.
— Rochelle L. Millen, PhD, Professor of Religion, Wittenberg University

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Rabbi Simon Jacobson, author, "Toward A Meaningful Life," says:

"Spiritual seekers find truths in many different places, including non-traditional ones. For Jews in particular, whose souls are especially hungry, this has presented both a challenge and an opportunity: How to reconcile and integrate the experiences of various paths with the rich tradition of our Jewish heritage. The beauty and dignity of a life journey is discovered when we are able to "extract the fruit" even as we '"discard the peel" of every life experience.

With this book, Shelly Dembe has done a great service in sharing her unique story, revealing for us the struggle of a Jewish soul learning to navigate between spiritual disciplines and finding peace as a Jew, and in the process offering us an extraordinary mosaic, which uncovers deeper truths in Judaism."


"Enthralling." "Beautiful and honest."

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The sparkling, gently humorous and always deeply thoughtful story of Shelly Dembe’s journey as an evolving Jew: a young mom, free spirit, empty-nester and nurse who eventually traded the ICU for a yoga studio—only to find that the inner peace her soul sought in yoga was present in her Jewish faith all along.

Her sense that her life is missing something indefinable yet essential leads her on a search for purpose that uncovers life-changing parallels and conflicts between her beloved yoga practice and her Jewish heritage.

Never dogmatic, never judgmental, she walks us through her methodical reexamination of nearly everything she’s accepted as a guiding principle, in the process discovering profound connections to her Creator and placing her faith at the center of her daily life.

As she learns more about her Jewish faith, she shares her delight at discovering new ways to rejoice and honor the beauty of everyday life, and her discomfort with excesses that challenge both yogic and Jewish beliefs.

She offers practical, judgment-free suggestions that help those of any faith undertake their own spiritual journeys. For Jews contemplating their lives in the context of their faith, she offers simple and accessible suggestions for gently moving towards a more faith-centered lifestyle.